There are a lot of real estate agents in Los Angeles; you can't shake a tree branch without finding someone. The only problem is: how do you weed out the bad apples from the good ones?

1) Interview the real estate agent. It sounds trivial, but nothing beats a face-to-face interaction. You can tell a lot about people just by sitting down with them for five minutes. Make a list of the best real estate agents in Los Angeles. Set up some interviews and talk to them all person. Most agents offer a free consultation for new clients so you can get a sense of who the person is and how they can help. 

There's an old saying involving the "fog-in-the-mirror" trick. You should move onto the next person if that is the vibe you're getting. 

2) You need to separate a best friend from an advocate. A person can be both, but you need to separate the two during the process. You need to remember you're hiring someone for a job, not to gab about American Idol.

3) You need to evaluate the top real estate agents in Los Angeles using Effective Agents. They should be ready when you are, not when they are. Some clients need more time during the buying and selling process. That's why you need someone whose hours are flexible enough for what you require.

Do they have an assistant they farm out to handle the busy work while they handle the more important issues? How qualified are their assistant and team? Their team needs to be as qualified as the person you hire to handle housing in Los Angeles.

4) You should spend some time with your agent before you hire them for a job. Do they have a showing in West Hollywood? Ask to go with them. Some let you and others do not. Tagging along will give you some clue as to how they are on the job. The way they handle themselves with other clients gives you a good idea of who they will be with you. 

5) Do you want someone to find a home in West Hollywood or Silver Springs? It is better to hire someone who lives there or is, at the very least, familiar with the area. You don't want to hire someone who finds you a place in unfamiliar territory.

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